1. user 1990

    Key contributors, shareholders and management begin to become active in the environmental sector.

  2. user 1996

    PERKAT SA is founded by Vassilis Papazis for the implementation of environmental projects.

  3. user 2002

    PER.KAT S.A. merges with the company MESOGEIOS A.T.E.

  4. user 2003

    ITHAKI SA is founded with 4th grade construction certificate

  5. user 2007

    MESOGEIOS Environmental Services-MES S.A. is founded with the aim of providing integrated solutions in the management and operation of environmental projects.

  6. user 2015

    The merger of ITHAKI A.T.E. is completed with MESOGEIOS Environmental Services-MES S.A. and the new company is renamed THALIS E.S.

  7. user 2016

    THALIS E.S. is spun off from the MESOGEIOS SA Group with Vassilis Papazisis as the main shareholder and follows an independent business course. THALIS E.S. adopts a new strategic orientation in the perspective of the transition to the circular economy. It offers increased reliability in project production and comprehensive provision of facility management and operation services.

  8. user 2017

    THALIS E.S. expands its activity and signs important contracts for the construction and operation of Waste Treatment Units, Telemetry of Water Supply Networks, Construction of Upgrading and Operation of WWTP, while undertaking investment initiatives for the exploitation of biogas. During this period the turnover of the company quadrupled.

  9. user 2019

    THALIS E.S. undertakes the most important project in its history, the construction and operation (for 5 + 5 years) of the Amari Waste Treatment Plant (WTP) with a capacity of 43 thousand tons and a Solid Waste Landfill (LANDFILL).

  10. user 2022

    THALIS E.S. undertakes the construction and operation of the Heraklion Waste Treatment Plant (59.2 thousand tons capacity) and the Sitia Waste Treatment Plant (15 thousand tons capacity). In August, the company experienced the loss of its founder, President and CEO Vassilis Papazisis. In November, an agreement is signed for the acquisition of all the shares of THALIS ES from MOTOR OIL (HELLAS) CORINTH REFINERIES S.A. The company is entering a new period with enhanced development prospects as a member of a historic Group that has a strong business footprint in Greece and on the global market.

  11. user 2023

    The acquisition of shares of Thalis S.A. by the Motor Oil Group has been completed.

    On April 3, 2023, Motor Oil acquired all the shares issued by Thalis S.A. following the November 24 agreement and with the relevant approval of the Competition Commission.

    Thalis S.A. is entering a new period with enhanced development prospects.

    With the strength and confidence of the Motor Oil Group, a new chapter opens for the transition to a circular economy.