Signing of the Contract with the Unified Waste Management Association of Crete for the Project: Wastewater Sludge Processing Center, Heraklion Regional Unit

Published : January 3rd, 2024

On December 29, 2023, Mr. Dimitris Kontaxis, Vice President of THALIS-ES and General Manager of Waste Management at MOTOR OIL, signed a contract during a ceremony in the Region of Crete. The event was attended by Mr. Stavros Arnaoutakis, the Regional Governor of Crete, the outgoing Mayor of Heraklion, Mr. Vasilis Lambrinos, the new Mayor of Heraklion, Mr. Alexis Kalokairinos, and the President of ESDAK, Mr. Zacharias Kalogerakis. The General Secretary for Waste Management Coordination, Mr.Manolis Grafakos, participated via teleconference. The contract was signed for the project "Sludge Processing Center, Waste Treatment Facilities, Heraklion Regional Unit" .

After the signing, Mr. D. Kontaxis stated, among other things: 'Another link is added to the chain of the circular economy and the green transition of Crete. We must congratulate the Region, the Unified Waste Management Association of Crete, and the Municipalities participating in this program because they are truly pioneering once again in Crete and promoting the green transition. It is a significant effort, perhaps a pilot that will set an example for the rest of Greece. We, as Thalis, a member of the Motor Oil Group, are very proud to support and construct it, and we will stand by the Region to promote similar projects.

THALIS takes on another commitment to the stakeholders and citizens of Crete for the improvement of environmental management, the enhancement of resource utilization, and the sustainability of the island.

The Region is a pioneer in the green transformation of Crete, including the enhanced circularity of the local economy within the current decade. However, this transformation requires more projects and innovative interventions in water and solid waste cycles. It requires the mobilization of all of us. ESDAK, municipalities, and the Water Supply and Sewerage Companies (DEYA) of the Heraklion Regional Unit are already planning and implementing innovative projects with a strong environmental impact. In the coming years, THALIS is called upon to contribute responsibly to these efforts.

With this contract, the cycle of sludge conversion, elimination, and recovery from urban wastewater treatment is upgraded as the adopted solutions promote circularity and environmental protection. Both the Sludge Supply Center in Heraklion and the Sludge Processing Center in the Perama Galini Landfill are expected to be completed within eighteen months. Additionally, we undertake operations with the prospect of providing upgraded services. From environmental challenges, we create green jobs and opportunities for everyone.

We continue to support the regional economy, strengthen the sustainability of our place, and generate added value for local communities.