THALIS is upgrading the Water Cycle in the Municipality of Phaistos in Crete.

Published : April 15th, 2024

THALIS is creating a more resilient environment and a higher quality future for the rural residents of Crete by transforming the water management model in the Municipality of Phaistos and enhancing its sustainability. 

At the signing ceremony of the project contract for the DEYAF "WORKS OF URBAN WASTE MANAGEMENT, WATER SUPPLY (NETWORKS & WTP) AND OPERATION OF WTPs IN THE MUNICIPALITY OF FAISTOS", held in the Municipal Council Hall of the Municipality of Faistos, among others, Mayor of Faistos, Mr. Grigoris Nikolidakis, was present and spoke.

During the ceremony, the project's scope and its developmental impacts were presented by the Municipal Water and Sewerage Enterprise (DEUAF) of Phaistos and THALIS, the contractor.

The technical solution proposed by the company and selected by the Project Manager meets the quantitative and qualitative requirements of the specifications in critical areas, providing a comprehensive, operationally flexible, high-tech project with respect to the environment.

The project incorporates modern technologies and involves interventions in the management of urban sewage, water supply, and operation of the Wastewater Treatment Plants of the Municipality of Phaistos, serving the areas of Tympaki, Matala, Pitsidia, Mires, Kouses, Voroi, and Phaistos.

Specifically, it includes:

  • Construction of the Wastewater Treatment Plant for the settlements of Voroi and Phaistos. Biological treatment and disinfection will be carried out using prefabricated UF and UV units. Tertiary treated effluents can be reused for irrigation.
  • Replacement of the internal water supply and sewage network of the settlement of Voroi.
  • Extension of the sewage network of the settlement of Kouses.
  • Construction of water supply, sewage, and pumping facilities for the settlements of Pitsidia and Matala.
  • Modernization of the electromechanical equipment of the Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP) of Tympaki and Matala, including, among others:
        Installation of a Tertiary Treatment Unit with a compact ultrafiltration (UF) unit.
        Installation of a Disinfection Unit with ultraviolet radiation (UV).
  • Operation of the Wastewater Treatment Plants of Tympaki, Matala - Pitsidia, Mires, Voroi, and Phaistos for a period of 3 years with the option to extend for an additional 3 years.

The company's design ensures operational reliability, energy savings, and flexibility for any future requirements for capacity expansion. With the implementation of this modern project, funded by the Antonis Tritsis Program, improvements are achieved in the living conditions of residents as well as the protection of the natural characteristics of the area, sensitive environmental zones, and the water resources of the Municipality. In total, 18,000 equivalent inhabitants are served. Additionally, ten new green jobs are created.

The Chief Operating Officer of THALIS, Mrs. Theodosia Bandoubas-Papazisi, stated: "Our company's design for the implementation of this modern project fits within the broader framework of the strategy we have outlined and implemented, with the primary goal of upgrading the Water Cycle in our country. Through innovative interventions, we achieve optimization of liquid waste management and treatment, while simultaneously making the treatment units autonomous and energy-efficient. We modernize the collection and treatment of generated urban sewage and ensure their reuse as a new source of natural resources, creating the conditions for water recycling to enhance irrigation of the region's crops."