Important intervention by the Vice President of THALIS and General Manager of Circular Economy of Motor Oil, Mr. Dimitris Kontaxis, in Water&Waste magazine.

Published : June 21st, 2024

 In his intervention, Mr. Dimitris points out, among other things, that "in the coming years, more systematic efforts and interventions must be prioritized through the collaboration of public and private entities, as well as purely private initiatives, aiming for quality recycling and approaching the average EU circularity rate with:

  • Source Separation of recyclable materials and organic fraction through the organization and development of effective collection systems.
  • Acceleration and modernization of Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) and Waste Treatment Units (conversion to RFFs).
  • Encouragement of investments in the recovery and utilization of critical recyclable materials (e.g., plastics) and their diversion from energy recovery or landfill.
  • Innovative investments from the private sector for the production of secondary products, particularly for materials with a significant environmental footprint, such as plastics.
  • Strengthening industrial symbiosis and the creation of circular cities.

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