THALIS E.S. has the expertise and experience to undertake complex projects for the complete and permanent restoration and management of contaminated soils at industrial facilities, waste disposal sites, and mines. The solutions offered for soil reclamation are environmentally sustainable and cost-effective.

In particular, we have a lot of experience in the restoration of uncontrolled waste disposal sites (WDS) as well as industrial and mining activities.
The uncontrolled disposal and/or burial of municipal waste in the past has created foci of contaminated soil. In these areas, in addition to the environmental burden due to odors, fires, and the development of pathogenic infections, the aquifers have been affected, resulting in huge problems in the management of underground and surface water for both irrigation and water supply. In addition to physical restoration, we explore the possibilities of functional restoration with the aim of reusing the land for the development of new activities with high added value.


THALIS E.S. S.A. offers systems:

  • Insitu leachate treatment.
  • Leachate treatment units.
  • Protection of the subsoil from pollution
  • Deodorization and degassing of the space
  • Controlled combustion and energy utilization of biogas
  • Recovery of recyclable materials
  • Rearrangement of waste relief
  • Protection: geotechnical reinforcement of slopes
  • Covering and protecting the space
  • Organized plantings: integration of the space into the environment
  • Irrigation.
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Functional rehabilitation.